This table summarizes #halopedia access levels and channel permissions with regards to ChanServ flags.[1]

Flag Permissions Assigned to
+v Voice/Devoice via ChanServ Admins, Bureacrats, Contact
+V Automatic voice Admins, Bureaucrats, Contact
+o Op/Deop via ChanServ Ops, Wikia, Admins, Bureaucrats, Contact
+O Automatic op Nobody
+t Modify the topic Wikia, Admins, Bureaucrats, Contact
+s Set channel variables Bureaucrats, Contact
+r Unban command Admins, Bureaucrats, Contact
+i Invite and Getkey commands[2] Admins, Bureaucrats, Contact
+R Recover and Clear commands Bureaucrats, Contact
+f Modify channel access list Bureaucrats, Contact
+A View channel access lists[3] and autobanned users Admins, Bureaucrats, Contact
+F Founder/Contact access Gunner and Nicmavr

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